Information System Services

About FIS

Our primary customers are Facilities Management Services Division staff personnel. Our other major customers are the divisions, departments and colleges of Georgia State University and the Board of Regents.
Facilities Information Systems supports the following building systems: Siemens/Apogee HVAC monitoring system, SimplexGrinnell fire alarm system and has worked with Facilities Management and Operations to implement elevator monitoring system.

    Computer Aided Facilities Management

CAD Integration:
Integration between electronic drawings and space management database
as-built record documents
Maps:topographical maps, campus site maps (Main campus / Alpharetta campus)
Computer Maintenance Management Systems
Preventive Maintenance
Work on demand
Work Orders
Utility Manager:
manages university utilities
Utility report summary Attendance Enterprise and biometrics scanners
documents employee attendance and payroll
Property Management:
buildings and real estate management

    Network & Workstation Support

Network administration and security
Support core office applications
Recommend for purchase use emerging Facilities Management technologies
Peripheral support
Implementing imaging technologies
Support University email services
Integrating departmental system.
Website development and maintenance
Technology training for employees
Database administration (backup, optimization, data verification)

    Asset Management

Office Equipment (copiers, printers, faxes
Servers and Workstations
Imaging peripherals (cameras and scanners)
Mobile Technology (PDA, notebooks, blackberry, tablet pc
Software Licenses
Surplus Inventory

    Application Training

Microsoft Office Applications
Facilities Management Applications
Computer fundamentals (Trades personnel)