Planning Services

Organization Chart

The Facilities Planning Department is responsible for the orderly assessment and strategic planning to address present and future facilities needs for the University, provides feasibility analysis, project programming, and concept development on capital project initiatives, and updates the University’s annual capital request to the Board of Regents and university campus master plan.

The major goals of our unit are:

  • Conducting studies of the physical needs of the University
  • Coordination of the planning and programming processes for physical facilities,
  • Determining present/future facility needs of the various University departments,
  • Assembling requests and analyzing plans for the expansion of facilities,
  • Evaluates changes which affect the exterior appearance of the campus,
  • Managing the preparation and execution of professional services contracts,
  • Interfacing with local agencies to coordinate University and city planning,
  • Performing analysis and allocation of available space within University buildings.

Some major planning projects are the following:

Surveys & Reports