Proposed Projects

Kell Hall Demolition

The master plan proposes the removal of Kell Hall and its adjacent plaza and underground parking, the university bookstore, and the auditorium and underground parking in front of the Urban Life building. An interior linear landscape greenway at surface grade replaces these buildings and plazas. Within the proposed greenway, the plan introduces a series of vertical structures containing elevators and stairs as a means of providing new and improved pedestrian access into the adjoining building facilities and as a place making element for the campus. With the removal of Kell Hall, the configuration of the adjoining Arts & Humanities building will permit the addition of a tier of new laboratories for the arts needed to accommodate the existing and future arts programs. The proposed greenway will provide Georgia State its first landscaped quadrangle(s) serving as safe and attractive pedestrian connections between campus buildings in the core and the much sought outdoor landscaped communal study and social spaces.