Fire Safety

Organization Chart


If there is an actual fire or visible smoke:

First, notify the Fire Department by pulling the nearest fire alarm (pull station) and, from a safe distance outside of the building, call the University Police at (404) 413-3333 or 911 to provide details of the situation.
If you have been trained in the use of a portable fire extinguisher and are able to safely extinguish the fire, you may do so. Be sure you have a safe exit from the area and leave if one extinguisher does not put out the fire.
Evacuate the building as soon as the alarm sounds.
On your way out, warn others nearby.
Move away from fire and smoke. Close doors and windows if time permits.
Feel closed doors with the top-side/back of your hand to feel for heat. Do not open doors if you feel heat. .
Use stairs only; do not use elevators.
Move a minimum of 300 feet away from the building.
Do not re-enter the building or work area until you have been instructed to do so by the emergency responders.