Facilities Management Services Division

Ramesh Vakamudi
Vice President for Facilities Management Service
[email protected]
[404] 413-0721


Joseph Spillane
Chief of Police
[email protected]
[404] 413-3230

FMSD Directors, Managers & Supervisors

Kimberly (Kim) Bauer
Director of Facilities Design and Construction Services
[email protected]
[404] 413-0728

Jill Chu
Facilities Human Resources Officer
[email protected]
[404] 413-0764

Alvin Clark
Manager of Facilities Information Systems
[email protected]
[404] 413-0712

Patrick Dukes
Director of Facilities Administration Services
[email protected]
[404] 413-0765

Luvert Holt
Director of Facilities Renovations
[email protected]
[404] 413-0751

Jennifer McWhorter
Fire Safety Manager
[email protected]
[404] 413-9551

Abdul Momen
Director of Facilities Maintenance and Operations
[email protected]
[404] 413-0734

Grace (Monica) Phillips
Facilities Business Manager
[email protected]
[404] 413-0770

Russell (Russ) Seagren
Director of Facilities Planning
[email protected]
[404] 413-0771

Patti Stilson
Director of Facilities Building Services
[email protected]
[404] 413-0617

Keith Sumas
Director of Emergency Management
[email protected]
[404] 413-0783

Valerie Woods
Supervisor of Facilities Customer Service Center
[email protected]
[404] 413-0709