Help Make Recycling a Success

The goal of the Georgia State University Recycling Team is to capture 100% of recycling.

  • We have standardized each participating building’s recycling area so everyone will know exactly where to place recycling in the buildings.

  •  All recycling must be clean, empty, and contain no trace of food.

Your cooperation makes our recycling program a success!!!

What's Not Recyclable

Any item which is dirty or contains food traces such as:

  • Paper towels
  •  plastic bags,
  • Saran Wrap, and
  • coffee cups are not recyclable.

Recycling Tips

Bring your own hand towel, reusable shopping bag, containers, and coffee mug to help make a difference!

  • All participating classroom buildings have a paper bin on the first floor, and a bottles and cans bin centrally located on every floor
  • All office buildings have a bottles and cans bin on every floor, and each person has a desk-side bin which they empty into the big bin on their floor
  • Participating buildings have a Coca-Cola bottles and cans bin next to the vending machines
  • Bring flattened corrugated cardboard to your building’s recycling area (usually the basement or dock)
  • Styrofoam can be placed in your building’s recycling area
  • Every parking garage has a bottles and cans bin on the first level
  • Ink and toner recycling can be brought to the bin at Courtland South, 120 Collins St. directly across from G deck. Mail Services has teamed up with Recycling to offer a more convenient way to recycle your ink and toner cartridges. Until further notice, Mail Services will pick up and recycle any toner placed in your outgoing mail bin (only one or two at a time, please!). If you have an empty toner cartridge, simply place it with your outgoing mail and Mail Services will take care of the rest. Toner recycling will still be offered in the bin placed in Courtland South if you prefer to recycle your own toner.
  • Cell phones can be recycled in Courtland South and benefit the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.
  • Batteries can also be recycled at Courtland South.
  • Any metal can be placed on the pallet behind Courtland South.
  • Clothing and household items are collected year-round in bins placed in the dorms, then donated to various charities in our area. (Contact Building Services for list of charities)
  • With administration’s support, SunTrust, Commerce Building, and 75 Piedmont may have personal recycling stations which each person is responsible for emptying into the larger bins located on their floor.